A Great Surprise: A Luxury Car Rental In Paris

My husband and I were planning a trip to Paris for our wedding anniversary. Paris was a place that we had always wanted to visit and we were both really excited to get the opportunity to see the area. Ww had been married for over thirty years and we had only been able to travel with just the two of us a handful of times. There were many reasons that we were excited about our upcoming trip.

mercedes-rental-luxury-carFor our vacation to Paris, my husband and I made some plans. We also planned to just go with the flow some of the time so we didn’t overextend ourselves. I decided since we did have some downtime, I would surprise my husband with a luxury car hire in Paris.

I talked with our son about it and he thought it was a great idea, too. My husband loved cars, especially luxury ones and he would really enjoy driving around Paris in one.

It was getting close to our vacation time and I was getting everything in order. I was the planner and my husband was more of the follower. He didn’t mind my planning and he preferred not to plan himself, so it worked out nicely. We started packing our bags and realized that we probably should go shopping for a few things.

The day for our trip came and we were both super excited. I may have been more excited than my husband because I knew that he would love the luxury car rental in Paris (we booked from here: homepage). I couldn’t wait to surprise him.

When we arrived in Paris, it was such an amazing experience. The area was so beautiful and we could not wait to start exploring. A couple days into our trip, I told my husband I wanted to visit a shop that I had seen in our tour. He went along with it and we arrived at the car rental building. He was a little, or maybe a lot confused, but once I told him what was going on, he was so excited.

Our anniversary trip was such an amazing experience – thanks to Apex on Twitter! We had a great time together, loved the rental car, and really enjoyed visiting a new country for our anniversary. I knew that it would be something we would always remember, and maybe even return to one day very, very soon.…

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